Things are getting more and more interesting and easier for enthusiasts, when it comes khổng lồ installing Android APKs to Windows 10 mobile running devices. Now, fellas in Vietphái nam have not only created a tool to easily install the APKs without opening comm& prompt Windows or doing complex steps, but also have sầu managed to lớn install apps / games with Google services requirements.

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Here is what you need to vị lớn easily install the APKs using the tool.

1) Install the “APK Deployment Tool” from here.

2) Get some APKs

3) Watch the video clip to lớn see how easy it is to install Android APKs khổng lồ Windows 10 thiết bị di động.

In case you want lớn install some apps with “Google Services requirements”, follow the steps.

1) Download GMaps patcher from here.

2) Watch the đoạn phim to lớn learn how lớn patch the “Goggle Services required error”.

3) Install the patched APK khổng lồ your Windows 10 Smartphone running device by using the APK Deployment Tool.

Do let us know about your success or failure and finally a word of caution: Risk và fun is all yours và you can harm your device in the process”.

Supported devices & Windows 10 di động versions:

System version requirements: Windows 10 điện thoại Build 10149 & above.

Notê Lumia 1020 ( as tipped by our reader in comments here) Nocơ Lumia 9trăng tròn Notê Lumia 925 Nokia Lumia 929 (icon) Nocơ Lumia 830 Nocơ Lumia 930 Nocơ Lumia 1520 Nocơ Lumia 635 (1G memory version) Nocơ Lumia 730 Nocơ Lumia 8đôi mươi Nokia Lumia 435 Notê Lumia 928


Thanks Phoung và Ta for the tip. Cheers!!

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