Attaông xã on Tirã Kills off Its Ultimate Evil at Last - But 's Fate Is Uncertain Chapter #137 of Attack on Titung brings the manga"s final battle to its kết thúc. But while its worst villain is finally gone, another"s fate is left unclear.

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Attack on Tichảy vol 33
WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Chapter #137 of Attaông chồng on Titan, "Titans," by Hajime Isayama, Dezi Sienty and Alex Ko Ransom, now available in English from Kodansha.

As the final season of the TV adaptation grips anime fans everywhere, the Attaông chồng on Titan manga is merely a handful of pages away from its own conclusion. Chapter #137 appears to bring the series" final -- & grandest -- battle to lớn a literal explosive finish, with at least one major casualty và a few other key characters" lives left hanging in the balance.

That casualty is Zeke Jeager, arguably the worst of the two evils the Jeager brothers came khổng lồ represent. But it"s unclear if his younger half-brother, Eren, the man who liberated both Ymir và the Founding Titung from their supernatural shackles to lớn enact the Rumbling, has met the same fate.

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Zeke"s status had been somewhat uncertain since he made tương tác with Eren"s blown-off head in Chapter #1đôi mươi. After yet another deadly encounter with Levi, Zeke was resurrected by the Founder, Ymir, & placed on a direct path khổng lồ help Eren activate the Founding Titan"s power. Catching Eren"s head, both brothers were taken to lớn the Path where they fought over command of Ymir, who"d been trapped there for centuries. Eren was the one lớn win her over, bringing hyên back to the physical world in the Founding Titan"s body lớn unleash the tens of millions of Wall Titans on Paradis on the rest of the world. Meanwhile, Zeke took Ymir"s place as the Path"s new hostage where he"s been ever since.

Armin"s near-death experience was revealed in Chapter #136 to have lead hyên ổn there also. Following on from this his conversation with Zeke in Chapter #137 is one of the most enlightening in Attack on Titan"s history, as the eldest Jeager brother speculates on the true, scientific nature of the Titans & ponders the very meaning of existence. It"s clear that his contempt for his own race extends lớn humanity in general, whom he sees little purpose in other than a desire to "multiply," lượt thích any other life form. Even when Armin reminds hyên ổn, passionately, that there"s a lot more to lớn life than simply existing until death, Zeke refuses to lớn renounce his original "euthanization" plot -- intended khổng lồ bring about the end of the Eldian race &, by mặc định, the Titans.

Attachồng on Titung Chapter 137 Zeke Death
The short but meaningful discussion only compounds something we"ve known for some time: that Armin, whose faith in humanity has never wavered, is Attack on Titan"s truest nhân vật, & Zeke, who never had any khổng lồ begin with, its worst villain. In the over, Zeke gets exactly what he"s had coming to hyên. When he & Armin figure out a way to lớn không lấy phí themselves from the Path -- along with some of the past Titung inheritors they knew in life -- Zeke wastes no time in putting himself directly in Levi"s crosshairs, ready to lớn meet his end. The iconic Scout Captain decapitates the Beast Titan"s final holder with the swift and clean precision he"s known for, putting an end khổng lồ their own personal war at long last.

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After Jean triggers the explosives Pieông chồng phối at Eren"s nape, Reiner"s Armored Tichảy prevents the Founding Titan"s spine -- the source of all Titung life -- from reattaching itself to Eren"s head as Gabi observed the last time the two were separated. With the Rumbling halted, Armin is then left khổng lồ play his part, transforming inlớn the Colossal Titan one last time in the hope that the force of it will finish the job, but not before issuing a tearful good-bye to lớn his oldest friover.

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Attack on Tichảy Chapter 137 Armin
Unfortunately, as the chapter ends on this cliffhanger, readers will have sầu a nervous month-long wait now to lớn find out who makes it out alive sầu. Mikasa, Levi, Annie, Jean, Conny, Gabi & Peick escape safely on Falco"s Jaw Tirã, but Armin, Reiner và most importantly, Eren, have yet khổng lồ be confirmed alive or dead. Considering the size of the blast and the height the four of them are at, it would be a surprise if any of them survive -- especially Eren, who, following his first beheading, may have only been kept alive by the Founding Titung và Ymir"s power alone. We"re in Attaông chồng on Titan"s endgame now, after all, and the price of victory is going to be higher than ever.