The town of Torchlight needs the aid of fearless heroes once again, as Torchlight 2 sets you up for yet another journey, this time taking the battle against evil far beyond the mining town.quý khách hàng vẫn xem: Cách build những class vào torchlight 2

Torchlight 2 comes with a more refined character development system as compared to its predecessor, with all-new classes that range from elemental damage dealers to steampunk gadgetry.

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TreesEach class comes with 3 trees that are completely quality khổng lồ them. These trees inhibit 10 different skills.

7 of these skills are Active Skill, while 3 are Passive Skills.

This makes a total of 21 (7×3) Active Skills, & 9 (3×3) Passive sầu Skills for each character.

All skills can have 3 Tiers. Each Tier requires 5 points. Thus, the maximum amount of points required for a Tier 3 version of a skill is 15.

The following are the trees of each character:

Berserker Hunter, Tundra, Shadow

Embermage Inferno, Frost, Storm

Engineer Blitz, Construction, Aegis

Outlander Warfare, Lore, Sigil

StatsApart from Trees, which give sầu you direct skills, there are also stats for developing your character. Stats are basically attributes for your character khổng lồ increase variables such as Weapon Damage, Critical Strike Chance, Mamãng cầu & Elemental Damage, & Health etc.

There are 4 stats in the game:


Increases all Weapon DamageIncreases Critical Strike Damage


Increases Critical Strike ChanceIncreases Dodge ChanceIncreases Fumble Recovery


Increases maximum ManaIncreases all Elemental DamageIncreases Exexinh đẹp Chance


Increases maximum HealthIncreases ArmorIncreases Bloông chồng Chance

Point DistributionPoints in Torchlight 2 are earned whenever a player levels up, which is done after a certain amount of experience has been gained.

Whenever a player levels up, he/she also gains 5 Stat Points, which can be invested into lớn the stats.

The maximum level of the player is 100, which means 495 conventional stat points and 100 conventional skill points.

FameIn addition to the skill points, the player also gains Fame by defeating tougher Champion Enemies or Bosses. When a player gains enough Fame, he she can obtain a Fame Level. Each Fame Level gives the player 1 additional skill point.

Thus, it is possible to lớn have sầu more than 100 skill points at Level 100.

BuildsBecause of the large flexibility offered by the stat points and the three trees for each character, there are numerous ways to lớn play one class. It is extremely essential to lớn underst& the role of each tree for a class, along with the skills that they offer and after how many skill points the skill becomes effective sầu.

Thus, for a single class, you can have a huge mix of combinations.

Each of our Class Build guides contain 4 builds at màn chơi 100 – the idea of how lớn progress from cấp độ 1 all the way lớn max is generally quite evident. Do note that these are subject to change, and can vary according to lớn player play-style.

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Don’t forget lớn nói qua your own builds with us by commenting below!


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