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Haikyuu !!!: To the Top was a new season that came years later and delighted fans. However, in some ways, it fell short of expectations. The biggest reason for this was the changing drawings. In a possible fifth season, many fans want lớn see old drawings first. It wouldn’t be bad for a new season khổng lồ see Hinata play on MSBY Blaông chồng Jackals instead of Karasuno. It was said that the drawings were bad, & the entire season has been reserved for one match, và Nekoma match wasn’t necessary, and it was said where our boys are. But despite all this, Season 4 was a beautiful anime season befitting Haikyuu. So is Season 5 really possible?

Will there be a fifth season of the Haikyuu?

The final season of Haikyuu was published in 2020 in two parts. The season, in which we witnessed another giant match, ended in December 20trăng tròn. Production I.G or any related company has not yet renewed the series for a fifth season. No worries because we know that this was not a final. The new season of the anime came lớn the screen four years later. Considering the time that has passed since the last season, it’s too early to see a season confirmation. However, it is possible to lớn speculate about the new season in light of some main factors.

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Source material (Manga compared lớn Anime)

There should be sufficient stochồng material for us to lớn see a new season of the Anime. Haikyuu is an anime adapted from its manga. Written và illustrated by Haruiđưa ra Furudate, the Anime is broadcast by Shueisha in Japan. Viz Media, on the other h&, brings the manga series to the readers in English. The manga, which started to lớn be published in February 2012, consists of 45 volumes in total so far. Unfortunately, the manga, whose last volume was published on November 4, 20đôi mươi, ends và will no longer continue.

With the last season of the anime, 33 volumes of the manga series have been adapted; the remaining source material seems sufficient for a new season và one or two OVA episodes. This is both good news và bad news. There is no problem with source material for a new season of the anime, but a sixth season is very difficult as the manga does not continue.

Comparison (Anime và Manga)
Season 1Chapter 71 (Volume1 – Volume 8)
Season 2Chapter 149 (Volume 8 – Volume 17)
Season 3Chapter 190 (Volume 17 – Volume 21)
Season 4Chapter 292 (Volume 21 – Volume 33)
Remaining112 Chapter (12 Volume)

Disc sales in terms of the fifth season

BluRay & DVD sales are the most important factor for a new season of animes. Although disc sales have sầu declined in recent years, this is a constant tradition in the anime industry. For an anime khổng lồ be profitable enough to lớn create a new season, it is expected lớn sell at least 4,000 copies. In the last season of Haikyuu, disc sales have halved compared lớn the previous season but still manages to stay above this threshold. (4,815 on volume average)

On the other h&, considering that many exclusive distributors distribute the anime, there is no obstacle to lớn creating a new season financially. The publication of the anime, which has spread from Japan khổng lồ the whole world, by platforms such as Hulu & Netflix increases the possibility of a new season.

The popularity of the series

Everyone knows that the popularity of the anime is enough for a new season. The manga series has a total circulation of 40m and the anime series is just as popular. The anime’s popularity score is 98,4%. This score shows how popular the anime is on social truyền thông, Google searches, and online streaming services. So much so that anime is followed by more than 1 million users on Twitter.

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Finally, we should underline that the manga, the original of the series, is at least as popular as the anime. Haikyuu, which has never fallen off the best-seller danh mục, surpassed another threshold last year and has a total of more than 50 million copies in circulation. It is a fact that anime has also increased manga sales.