Any free ways to increase Google Drive sầu storage space? Here you will get 3 solutions with the step-by-step guide and 6 tips lớn không tính phí up space for Google Drive sầu, Gmail and Google Photos.


Note: Google Drive will kết thúc the miễn phí unlimited storage after June 1, 2021. Hence, any uploaded files, photos, and videos before June 1, 2021, will not count towards your Google Drive sầu Cloud storage while it will count the quota of Google Drive sầu storage after June 1, 2021. It will still use your Google Drive sầu storage after you edit the files uploaded before June 1, 2021.

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Way 2. Use Google Pixel 1-5 Phone lớn Enjoy Google Unlimited Storage Space

If you are using Google Pixel 1-5 phone, & you could still enjoy the Google Drive sầu Unlimited storage for miễn phí even after June 1, 2021.

It’s not cost-effective sầu to lớn buy a new Google Pixel phone if you are using other phone devices.

Way 3. Merge Google Drive sầu Accounts to Increase Google Cloud Storage

Although the above ways can Increase Google Drive sầu storage, và it’s not the igiảm giá khuyến mãi way khổng lồ increase Google Drive space. How to increase Google Drive sầu storage for free? If you don’t want to lớn tăng cấp Google Drive sầu & get more Google Drive sầu storage space, it’s strongly recommended lớn try the miễn phí cloud backup service khổng lồ merge multiple Google Drive sầu accounts lớn increase Google Drive sầu space for không tính phí. If you have enough Google Drive accounts, you could get 100 GB không lấy phí cloud storage, even unlimited cloud storage.

And then you could backup files khổng lồ Google hybrid cloud with And it supports Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, và FTPhường. or SFTPhường.


2. Select the My Storage tab on the left, then click Add Cloud, choose Google Drive, & click Add. Then follow the guide lớn grant authority lớn, which allows khổng lồ access your Google Drive files.


3. Edit the Display Name & Storage Path for the added Google Drive sầu, & tichồng the option “Note: Please do not change the path directly in the third-tiệc nhỏ cloud disk, or modify or delete the backup tệp tin.”, and cliông xã OK.


4. Repeat the process of Step 2 and Step 3 lớn add more Google Drive sầu accounts.

Step 2. Increase Google Drive sầu Space for Free

Now you could Increase Google Drive sầu space like the following steps:

1. Tap My Storage > New Storage Pool, Rename the new storage pool as you want, and tiông xã all your Google Drive sầu accounts you added before, và clichồng Next.


2. Choose the Google Drive sầu accounts priority to lớn store files, hover over the Google Drive sầu you want khổng lồ change priority, và tap the up triangle icon or down triangle icon khổng lồ set the priority, và hit OK.

Now, your Google Drive storage has been increased for free with

* not only combines multiple accounts of one cloud but also combines different clouds, và you could transfer files from one cloud drive lớn another, like transfer OneDrive khổng lồ Google Drive, sync Dropbox to Google Drive sầu, etc.

Best Free Way to Backup Files to Google Hybrid Cloud

After increasing Google cloud storage, you could backup files khổng lồ Google Drive sầu hybrid cloud storage easily with

1. Select the Backup Tasks tab, & then choose New Task.


2. Rename the Task Name, and click Add Source to add files from your computer, then clichồng Add Destination > Storage Cloud > Next, then tick the storage pool you named before, và click OK khổng lồ select Google hybrid cloud as the target.


3. Press the Start Backup button khổng lồ backup files to lớn Google Drive sầu easily & safely.


All the files will be saved khổng lồ Google Drive sầu, keep your data more secure.

6 Tips to Increase Google Drive Free Space

If you encounter the Google Drive storage full problem and want to lớn delete unnecessary files in Google Drive, Gmail and Google Photos lớn không lấy phí up space for Google cloud storage, here are some tips for you:

1. Empty your Google Drive sầu Trash.


2. Remove hidden data from app in Google Drive sầu.


3. Change original chất lượng lớn High quality in Google Photos. Please go khổng lồ Google photos settings, tap the Recover Storage button, & hit Compress to compress original items khổng lồ high unique.


4. Permanently delete unnecessary files in Google Drive.

5. Delete unuseful messages và attachments in Gmail Trash or Spam folders.

6. Remove sầu Shared folders and files from Google Drive.


The Epilogue

How to lớn increase Google Drive sầu storage for free? There are 3 solutions for you lớn increase Google Drive sầu space và 6 tips for you to free up space for Google Drive. Then you If you encounter Google Drive storage full error, you could try the 6 tips lớn miễn phí up space for Google Drive sầu.

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