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Rakudẻo Kishi no Eiyuutan (落第騎士の英雄譚, A Chivalry of the Failed Knight) is a light novel series by Riku Misora (海空りく) & illustrated by Won (をん). As of April 2017, thirteen main volumes & a special one have been published under GA Bunko. Rakudẻo has also received an Anime adaptation which aired from Oct 3, năm ngoái to lớn Dec 19, năm ngoái consisting of 12 episodes covering the first three volumes.

The April issue of Square Enix"s Monthly Shonen Gangan magazine has announced that series Rakudai Kishi no Chivalry has been green-lit for an anime adaptation. Source

Rakudai Kishi no Eiyuutan is also available in the following languages:

Story Synopsis

In a time and place where one"s soul can be morphed inlớn a weapon, there are modern-day magicians called mage-knights. Although Ikki Kurogane is a student at an institution that trains mage-knights, he has no particular talent in magic & is labeled the "Failed Knight" or "Worst One." Getting way less than average marks in the scorings, he was forced khổng lồ repeat a year. But with the arrival of a new head of the institution, a new rule was created: knights whose abilities are compatible, as decided by the board, must chia sẻ rooms and attover practice & training together throughout their school years khổng lồ bring up their abilities to lớn the max. It was a rule khổng lồ implement the absolute verdict of ability.

Ikki"s roommate, Stella Vermillion, turns out lớn be a princess of a foreign country. Stella is an A-Rank knight, the type of genius in magic who only appears once a decade. When Ikki walked in on her while she was changing her clothes, it caused a huge misunderstanding, which eventually ended up in a duel between the two of them. The punishment for the loser is eternal submission to the winner.

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Forced lớn live sầu in the same room and practice magic together throughout all their school years, how will Stella and Ikki"s relationship evolve?

Series Information

Genre: kích hoạt, Comedy, Drama, Ecbỏ ra, Fantasy, Martial Arts, Romance, School.Original Title: 落第騎士の英雄譚Author: Misora RikuIllustrator: WonPublished Volumes: 1-15Series Status: Ongoing

Rakudai Kishi no Eiyuutung series by Misora Riku

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