Most Windows users are now changing their Windows 10 themes khổng lồ give their PC a brvà new look and functionalities. Though Windows 10 mặc định theme is excellent, many users love giving their OS a different look with new themes và skins. Besides, not only does a theme change your computer’s visual interface, but it also improves your user experience.

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If you are on the lookout for the best Mac themes for Windows 10 PC, then our guide below will be handy. 

Here are Top five sầu Mac themes for Windows 10:

1. macOS Sierra for Windows 10

Mac Themes for Windows 10

macOS Sierra windows 10 theme is the ideal mac theme for your window. It features a fully-working, beautiful bar with xanh highlighted buttons. Besides, it contains Mac features such as notification center, loông chồng screen, system properties, Launchpad, desktop search, và a Silicio truyền thông player in the notification center.

There is also a Siri clone, and an included Picture-in-picture movie player you can use to play your movie in different sizes & aspect ratios. You can also drag your Clip khổng lồ any space on your computer. Overall, it’s the best Mac themes giving your Windows 10 an incredible Mac feel and experience. 

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2. Mac OS X EI Captain

From its name, Mac OS X EI Captain gives Windows 10 the ultimate Mac outlook và experience. If you’re enthusiastic with Mac themes & want a high-unique one for your laptop, then you’ll love the Mac OS X. it is available on the mạng internet và offers an easy tải về option. It’s also one of the top-rated và downloaded Mac themes for Windows. Instead of buying a MAC OS computer to experience the Apple looks, get this theme, and enjoy a flawless Mac experience.

3. macOS Transformation Pack

macOS transformation pack transforms your Windows 10 to the macOS user interface. It includes MacOS themes, Login screen, wallpapers, sounds, fonts, dashboard, doông chồng, Finderbar, Launchpad, và more.

Besides, it’s Metro UI thiết kế is easy lớn configure và use. It’s also easy to lớn install or uninstall the theme that makes it best for beginner theme users. The genuine OS system resources & smart system files update make this theme a must-have for Windows 10 users.

4. macOS UX Pack

macOS UX paông xã gives windows 10 users an iOS 8 feature such as new themes, wallpapers, và more packages. Users will also access the beautiful iOS Yosemite user experience without any harm or risk khổng lồ their systems. The package encompasses beautiful MacOS experience with seamless install/uninstall as well as easily configurable settings.

The theme also features the latest iOS 8 pictures, themes, logon screen, và an OS X Doông chồng emulation with optimized pre-configured dockets for better performance. Other notable features include desktop Launchpad access & configured dashboard shortcut keys.

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5. MacOS Sierra Skinpack

If you are tired of your Windows 10 theme, then its time you try the MacOS Sierra Skinpaông xã. It has a classical thiết kế that blends that of Apple’s macOS Sierra. With Apple features such as a new boot screen, login screen, themes, icons, dashboard, Launchpad, & more, you’ll love your new computer look.

Mac themes will kiến thiết your windows 10 to lớn look newer & more attractive. Besides, if you’re tired of your old windows 1- theme, then its time you try something new that will not only spice your computer’s feel & look but also improve sầu your user experience.